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7 Tips to keep your artificial nails strong and long-lasting

, Author: Miriam
  • In general, try to avoid work that would expose your nails to strong impacts.
  • Avoid opening soda cans with your nails. Use the curved end of a spoon instead.
  • When making your beds, do it carefully. Once your nails hit the bed frame…..  Ouch!
  • Keep your cuticles moist and conditioned by massaging natural oil onto your tips daily (remember, this does not apply at the very day of the modeling!)
  • Do not chew, pick, or peel, as this could damage your artificial nail as well as the natural nail underneath.
  • Never cut the nails! If you want to shorten them, file them down carefully.
  • Even if your nails grow slowly, after week four it’s about time for maintenance.