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, Author: Miriam

French Manicure is said to have its origins in France, where it is used since the 18th century.

The classic French manicure is elegant and sophisticated, and it was THE look of the 90’s. With a white emphasized lace and a light pink lacquer on the nail, it always looked very neat and clean.

That’s why it’s great to see a revival! Now we know French manicure with the white tips, providing a pure, natural look. These days we see a new and very modern twist, with nail tips not being white, but painted in rainbow colors or glitter. It’s a lot of fun to experiment and mix and match – and with the proper tutorial it’s easy to DIY (see my membership site)!



Before you start:

Dip your nails in warm water and soak them for about 3 minutes. The skin will soften and you will be able to easily push your cuticles back, by using a cuticlepusher. Don’t push too far, otherwise the nail matrix (the cell layer of the nail root) could be damaged. Always disinfect your hands and nails with a sanitizer before doing your nails.


Shiny French Manicure

The typical look of the French manicure is the white nail tip, the rest of the nail remains in natural rosé. The nail tip is particularly distinctive due to its intense white, but it is also important that the nails are coated with gloss. In a way, French nails look like the high-class version of unpainted nails!



If your skin is tanned, try a beige varnish. The beige colour helps lengthening the fingers optically.

If you are a wintery type, a pale pink shade (rosé) will give your hands and nails a fresh look.


  There are different approaches when it comes to French Manicure:

  1. Nail White Pencil: The nail tips are simply painted with a white pencil
  2. Nail polish: The nail tips are painted with white lacquer
  3. Gel nails: While the first two variants last only a few days, French Nails can last many weeks in form of gel nails.




Cute and jazzy!


French Gel Nails: subtle and fashionable



French Manicure for your big day

On your wedding day you want to feel gorgeous and yet look and feel like yourself. So, if you are not really into nail art, you may opt for the simple and elegant French manicure.

 Be aware that your hands and nails will get a lot of attention on your wedding day. There are going to be lots of people who want to see your ring, and your photographer will take many close-ups from your hands holding the bouquet, and holding your partner’s hands.


A few tips…..

  • Start nurturing your hands, nails, and cuticles well in advance of your wedding day. Use hand cream and cuticle oil daily.
  • Never cut or bite your cuticles, as this habit could lead to an infection of the nail bed. If you are a nail or cuticle nibbler and can’t make yourself stop, try a Stop & Grow product. It’s applied like colourless nail polish, and the bitter taste should prevent you from biting your nails, at least until after the honeymoon…
  • Don’t panic in case of a chipped nail. Fill in the hole with the tip of the brush and let the polish dry. Then apply a second coat of polish and finish with a thin clear top coat.
  • For a touch of subtle glamour add a little sparkle, or a few crystals on the wedding finger.